Lovebombing: developing a daily process of engagement

Posted by on May 30, 2017 in Media Relations
Lovebombing: developing a daily process of engagement

Stronger connections benefit business.  From strategic alliances and sourcing investment to business growth and development, regular engagement with your target audiences will make a positive impact on your business.  When the heat is on at work and teams are under pressure this is an area which often gets pushed aside, so putting a system in place for daily engagement with your audiences is important.

Developing a daily process of engagement does not have to be complicated or onerous.  It can be as simple as identifying 5 key influencers and ensuring you make regular contact with these people.  Influencers are people who will help you develop your business in some way, shape, or form.  They may, for example, be excellent at introductions to venture capitalists, or a journalist covering your area of expertise.

Don’t forget target audiences and engagement is not limited to external audiences.  Often the biggest advocates are those people who sit right next to you each day … employees.  ‘Employee engagement’ is the catch phrase de jour as Britain exits recession and employers are keen to hold on to talented people.  BUT, involving and appealing to employees should not be something which is left to chance or a post-recession activity.

Employees are the backbone of your organisation and will voluntarily publicise your business if they are happy working there.  One of the first things people ask at social gathering is, ‘what do you do?’  A happy and engaged employee will not only say what they do but they will praise where they work.  Employees should be on your top 5 influencer list and are a good place to start regardless of the size of your business.

At Flourish PR, we’re frequently asked the following question:

‘I want to do PR and social media, but I don’t have a budget to hire an agency so what can I do?’

Setting up a daily process of engagement and lovebombing your influencers is a good place to start.  In June, we are hosting with our partners, Brightspark Consulting, a 1 day PR & Social Media workshop designed to equip you with the latest thinking and techniques to ensure you are running a plan for 2017 that will generate leads and increase sales.

This is not your standard workshop.  It’s a hands-on experience where you will gain practice and walk away with a plan, and not just the theory.  Places are limited to 15 so that we can give individual attention and craft your strategy.

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