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  • Caryn Skinner, Director and Co-Founder of Sharpstone Skinner

    Flourish PR really know what they are talking about. Their advice has been excellent and they have delivered great results for us, particularly in terms of new business leads. More than that, they’ve become an invaluable sounding board on all aspects of our business. I can highly recommend them.

    - Caryn Skinner, Director and Co-Founder of Sharpstone Skinner

A PR agency which delivers a greater return on your marketing investment.

Flourish PR helps business owners and senior management teams build and grow their credibility and reputation in their marketplace, so that they have more income, retain excellent employees and customers, and have a business that other people aspire to own, work in and replicate. We recognise that no two clients are the same. Our team of senior level PR and marketing communications experts will work with you to shape and build a strategic approach designed to deliver your commercial objectives. We will recommend the channels and methods that are right for your business, product or service. We #heart technology and the advantages it brings to PR and the modern day media landscape. We partner with providers to facilitate better outcomes for our clients including business growth through greater reach, engagement and influence.

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14 February

Romancing Journalists – why relationships with journalists are so important in PR

Posted in Media Relations

A professional relationship with a journalist can be tricky to get right. Contacting them via the wrong social media platform, irrelevant content and a discourteous manner are just a few ways to make a long-lasting business relationship fail before it starts. However, it can be easy to get the magic between you just right. The […]

18 April

Five reasons your press releases aren’t getting any coverage 

Posted in Flourish Focus

Do you know that frustrating feeling? The one where you’ve won a new contract, you want to shout it from the rooftops, you go to the trouble of crafting a press release, sending it to the media and….. no, not a sniff of press coverage. And you wondered why you even bothered? Chances are that […]